Vegetarian Keto (Low Carb) Restaurant Guide [2019]

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Going out to restaurants or fast food establishments while doing vegetarian keto can be really tough. Keto options are hard enough to find, but vegetarian keto? Almost impossible.

We’re here to help. This is a list of keto and low carb vegetarian options from the biggest chains and restaurants in the United States.

Lots more places have been offering vegetarian options, and usually these options can be modified to fit your low carb needs. Getting lettuce instead of buns, asking for things without chips, etc.

Menus are constantly changing, so if you see a menu item missing from this list or you want us to update an incorrect menu item, hit us up at our contact page!

Keto/Low Carb Vegetarian Food Options at Major Restaurants in 2019

If you’re looking for a particular menu item, like a burger, hit CTRL+F (CMD+F for Macs) and type “burger.” If you’re looking for a specific restaurant, the same trick works. The list is in alphabetical order.

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A&W Vegetarian Keto Options

  • There are none. Unless they bring the Beyond Burger to the U.S. If you’re in Canada, get it with a lettuce wrap!

Applebee’s Vegetarian Keto Options

  • The side house salad has 10g net carbs. Some dressings are loaded with sugar or anchovies though. The safe ones: bleu cheese (3g net carbs), buttermilk ranch (3g net carbs), italian dressing (5g net carbs), lemon olive oil vinaigrette (0g net carbs), and mexi ranch (3g net carbs).

  • The tomato basil soup is 15g net carbs, a bit high, but doable. Applebee’s online nutrition menu shows they have broccoli cheese soup with 10g net carbs, but the actual menu doesn’t show this option.

  • There are some other side vegetables that are appropriate. Garlicky green beans (7g net carbs), steamed broccoli (4g net carbs), and “fire-grilled veggies” (6g net carbs) which are on the nutritional menu but not on the online menu.

  • Stay away from the entree salads. They are chock full of carbs.

Arby’s Vegetarian Keto Options

  • The side salad is 3g net carbs, add some ranch for flavor…that’s all they’ve got though. Also they openly mock vegetarians so consider going elsewhere.

Baskin Robbins Vegetarian Keto Options

  • I truly didn’t think that there could possibly be anything here that we would be allowed to eat on keto. I was wrong. Sort of. There is at least one flavor of ice cream (chocolate chip ice cream) that, if you get a small, it’s only 13g net carbs. That’s surprising. See all the ice cream with carb info here.

Bob Evans Vegetarian Keto Options

  • For breakfast, Bob Evans has one vegetarian omelette, the Goat Cheese Veggie (10g net carbs), or you can build your own (probably 10g net carbs, depending on what you get). The issue are the sides that come with these, skip them or get more eggs or broccoli on the side! Even the fruit has 13g net carbs.

  • Most all the salads have meat of some sort, including the Cobb Salad, but if you order it without chicken or bacon is 12g net carbs without dressing. Approved dressings: blue cheese (2g net carbs), ranch (1g net carb), italian (2g net carbs).

Buffalo Wild Wings’ Vegetarian Keto Options

  • DO NOT order the black bean burger at Buffalo Wild Wings. It is fried in beef tallow and is not vegetarian.

  • You can get some carrots, celery, and ranch for nearly zero net carbs.

  • You should probably find a different restaurant to go to if you’re on this diet.

Burger King Vegetarian Keto Options

  • Morningstar Veggie Burger. Yes! A veggie burger from a fast food place! If you get it with a lettuce wrap instead of a bun (this is very common) then you’re in the clear, only 14g net carbs. Skip the tomatoes and ketchup to make it 10g net carbs. Also Burger King will soon be rolling out the Impossible Burger nationwide which has just 6g carbs.

  • Garden side salad is only 2g net carbs, pretty darn good. That is without salad dressing, however. All dressings EXCEPT the lite honey dressing are 2-4g carbs. The lite honey dressing is 14g.

  • Egg & cheese croissan’wich without the croissant. Only 1g net carb!

Carl’s Jr. Vegetarian Keto Options

  • Carl’s Jr has brought the Beyond Burger to mass market, just get it with a lettuce bun for 10g net carbs!

  • Another option is the Veg It Guacamole Thickburger. With a lettuce bun it’s just 6g net carbs. Nice!

Checkers Vegetarian Keto Options

  • There’s nothing vegetarian here, let alone vegetarian keto. Move along.

Chick-Fil-A Vegetarian Keto Options

  • Chick-Fil-A’s Cobb Salad w/ no chicken is a mere 17g net carbs and comes with all kinds of deliciousness.

  • The Market Salad is just 19g net carbs as well.

  • Vegetarian keto dressings available: creamy salsa (2g net carbs), garden herb ranch (2g net carbs), and light italian (3g net carbs).

  • A small superfood side is 13g net carbs.

Chipotle Vegetarian Keto Options

  • The sofritas regular serving is just 9g total carbs and is vegan! Add in some fajita vegetables (3g net carbs), romaine lettuce (1g net carb), cheese, guacamole, etc. and you’ll be wishing you could go to Chipotle every day.

  • Check out their homepage, they have easy-access options for different diets.

Cracker Barrel Vegetarian Keto Options

  • You could try getting the Egg Sandwich without the sourdough. With the bread, it’s 41g net carbs, so it should be fair game without it. The choice of sides are NOT keto friendly, however. Seek other options (2 eggs or scrambled egg whites, 2g net carbs each, are an option) or leave them out.

  • The Country Vegetable Plate provides some options, including broccoli (2g net carbs), green beans (4g net carbs), mixed green side salad (1g net carb w/o dressing), and turnip greens (2g net carbs). It’s unclear if all of these are available at every location, so beware!

  • If you get a house salad (16g net carbs), beware of the bacon, crackers, and croutons that come with it! The Fried Chicken Salad without fried chicken is also a good choice, but it’s unclear how many carbs it would be.

Dairy Queen Vegetarian Keto Options

  • Side salad. Only 3g net carbs!

  • Dressings to avoid: Asian sesame (8g net carbs), Dijon honey mustard (7g), fat free California French (10), honey french (13), light ranch (9g), thousand island (6g). Nutritional info.

Denny’s Vegetarian Keto Options

  • Breakfast items: build your own omelette with veggies, avocado, and cheeses of your choice! Pass on the bread for some other alternatives like eggs (0-1g net carbs), or risk it with the hash browns at 14g net carbs. Grits are an option too at 11g net carbs.

  • The Cobb Salad is 14g net carbs without dressing and the House Salad is 16g net carbs without dressing. You can add avocado for 0g net carbs too!

  • Safe dressings: blue cheese (2-4g net carbs), italian (4-8 net carbs), ranch (1-2g net carbs)

  • Denny’s also supposedly has broccoli (2g net carbs) and sauteed zucchini & squash (2g net carbs) as side options.

Domino’s Vegetarian Keto Options

  • Domino’s has a garden salad, just ask for it without croutons. With croutons, it’s 13 net carbs. The dressings range from 1g carbs to 5g. Ranch has only 2g. Full nutritional info.

Dunkin’ Donuts Vegetarian Keto Options

Five Guys Vegetarian Keto Options

Hardee’s Vegetarian Keto Options

  • Hardee’s has no vegetarian keto options.

Hungry Howie’s Vegetarian Keto Options

  • Papa John’s has no vegetarian keto options unless you want to scrape off a bunch of toppings or attempt to order a “crustless” pizza with cheese and toppings. This has been done with varying success. Check this script if you’re interested in trying this.

IHOP Vegetarian Keto Options

  • The Southwest Scramble, without any toast or potatoes, is just 7g net carbs. Try asking for extra scrambled eggs or veggies instead of potatoes and toast!

  • The Spinach and Mushroom Omelette has just 18g net carbs.

  • The Cage-Free Egg White Veggie Omelette has just 19g net carbs (it’s unclear whether this includes the fruit that comes on the side).

  • The hash browns actually only have 17g net carbs.

  • You are also able to build your own omelette! Be smart about what to include!

Jack in the Box Vegetarian Keto Options

  • The side salad (without croutons) is just 2g net carbs. Add ranch and it bumps it up to 7g net carbs.

  • You could try getting the loaded breakfast sandwich meatless and in a lettuce wrap. This goes for most of the breakfast items.

Jimmy John’s Vegetarian Keto Options

  • Jimmy John’s #6 - The Veggie as an Unwich (lettuce wrap) has just 5g net carbs. The Kickin’ Ranch only has 1g net carb along with many of the other veggies you can get as add-ons.

  • Get a dill pickle on the side for 0g net carbs. Nice.

KFC Vegetarian Keto Options

  • Coleslaw is about 10g net carbs. Not horrible…but the 10g of carbs are ALL sugar.

  • Uhhhh, green beans? Those are definitely safe.

  • There may or may not be a side salad on their menu. It’s not on their website but it might exist, maybe?

Little Caesars Vegetarian Keto Options

  • Some people have had luck getting Little Caesars to make them a baked cheese block, essentially. Very exciting if possible. Check this script if you’re interested in trying this.

  • Of course you can always get a salad.

McDonald’s Vegetarian Keto Options

  • Egg round + cheese, basically an Egg McMuffin without meat or bread. Pretty cheap too. This is great now that they do all-day breakfast.

  • The side salad. This is hardly anything more than a tiny snack honestly. It could be paired with the above egg round+cheese to make something substantial, but yeah. Probably not worth it.

Noodles & Company Vegetarian Keto Options

  • If you get the Med Salad without cavatappi noodles or chicken it will assuredly be keto-friendly. Under 25g net carbs for sure. The Chicken Veracruz Salad, without chicken and crispy jalapenos, is 18g net carbs. The Tossed Side Salad is just 2g net carbs with either of the dressings!

  • Noodles has been experimenting with zucchini noodles, leading to great creations like the Zucchini Truffle Mac (13g net carbs) and the Zucchini Pesto (without chicken, 14g net carbs).

  • The Tomato Basil Bisque is 23g net carbs as well.

Olive Garden Vegetarian Keto Options

  • The salad with dressing is 11g net carbs. So you could have two servings, maybe three if you ditch the croutons?

  • There’s not much else, unfortunately. Italians love their carbs.

Outback Steakhouse Vegetarian Keto Options

  • The Aussie Cobb Salad (without bacon or dressing) is 14g net carbs. Stay away from all dressings except ranch (1g net carb), mustard vinaigrette (4g net carbs), creamy blue cheese (1g net carb), and maybe thousand island (6g net carbs).

  • The veggie side option usually has about 9g net carbs.

  • (This is not a vegetarian-friendly restaurant.)

Panda Express Vegetarian Keto Options

  • There is one combo you can get: eggplant tofu which has 20g net carbs and a side of super greens is 5g net carbs.

  • A single vegetable spring roll has 25g net carbs as well

Panera Bread Vegetarian Keto Options

  • Many of Panera’s breakfast items are appropriate for vegetarian keto: avocado (1g net carb), egg whites (0g net carbs), over easy egg (0g net carbs), scrambled egg (1g net carb). The avocado, egg white, and spinach sandwich without bread is a good option.
    There are sauces available to enhance the meal as well: basil pesto (0g net carbs), chipotle aioli (1g net carb).

  • Almost all of the dressings are veg keto friendly - stay away from caesar though since it has anchovies. The highest carb count in a dressing is 11g net carbs for a full portion of the white balsamic vinaigrette.

  • Surprisingly, there are some sweets you can get. the coconut macaroon is only 15g net carbs. 14g of that is sugar though. 19g net carbs for the cocoa & creme cookie. 13g net carbs for a single petite chocolate chipper. 14g net carbs for a mini blueberry scone.

  • Lots of salads are veg keto friendly. 11g net carbs for a half Asian sesame salad - get it without chicken.
    15g net carbs for a half portion of the full apple salad without chicken.
    The full portion of the greek salad has just 7g net carbs.
    A half portion of the modern greek salad is just 10g net carbs.
    The full portion of the seasonal greens salad is 16g net carbs.
    The half portion of spinach, bacon, and poppyseed salad without bacon is 9g net carbs.

  • A cup of the ten vegetable soup is 8g net carbs.
    The vegetarian summer corn chowder cup of soup is 20g net carbs.

  • Basically: check the plant-based menu and ask for it without bread.

Papa John’s Vegetarian Keto Options

  • Papa John’s has no vegetarian keto options unless you want to scrape off a bunch of toppings or attempt to order a “crustless” pizza with cheese and toppings. This has been done with varying success. Check this script if you’re interested in trying this.

Pita Pit Vegetarian Keto Options

  • At Pita Pit you can build your own pita with salad. The black bean patty is 8g net carbs, surround it with veggies/cheese of your choice, or just get veggies alone! The hummus is just 3g net carbs.

  • Appropriate sauces: boom boom sauce (3g net carbs), buffalo sauce (1g net carb), jalapeno ranch (2g net carbs), light mayo (2g net carbs), pesto (1g net carb), ranch (3g net carbs), the secret sauce (spicy vinaigrette, 0g net carbs), sour cream (2g net carbs), and tzatziki (2g net carbs).

Pizza Hut Vegetarian Keto Options

  • Pizza Hut has no vegetarian keto options unless you want to scrape off a bunch of toppings or attempt to order a “crustless” pizza with cheese and toppings. This has been done with varying success. Check this script if you’re interested in trying this.

Popeye’s Vegetarian Keto Options

  • The cole slaw (regular size) is only 11g net carbs.

  • Onion rings (regular size) are 22g net carbs, which is pretty high but also surprisingly low. You’d have to have no other carbs for the day to stay in ketosis.

Qdoba Vegetarian Keto Options

  • You can get a bowl with Impossible Burger crumbles at Qdoba in a bowl. That is 7g net carbs. Add shredded cheese (1g net carb), lettuce (0g carbs), onions (0g carbs), pico (2g net carbs), guacamole (4g net carbs), fajita vegetables (3g net carbs). Whatever you want that fits the carb count you’ve set! Use this nutritional menu to help you decide which toppings to get.

Quiznos Vegetarian Keto Options

  • At Quiznos, you can order any sandwich as a salad or half salad. This would make the Veggie Guacamole veg keto friendly at either 8g or 13g net carbs (half vs full).

Rally’s Vegetarian Keto Options

  • There’s nothing vegetarian here, let alone vegetarian keto. Move along.

Red Lobster Vegetarian Keto Options

  • There’s one thing vegetarian here, and it’s deep fried in batter. Move along.

Red Robin Vegetarian Keto Options

  • Red Robin has a veggie burger that is most probably keto friendly, but you’ll have to ask for a lettuce wrap or no bun! And get broccoli (2g net carbs) on the side instead of fries.

  • Their wedge salad is 14g net carbs, get it without bacon though! It also comes with crispy onions, so maybe ask for it without those too. The house salad has 10g net carbs.

Ruby Tuesday Vegetarian Keto Options

  • Ruby Tuesday has an endless garden bar where you can fill up on all the salad and veggies your macros can handle! Study up on which ones are allowed, though.

  • The Garden Vegetable Soup is 14g net carbs.

Sonic Vegetarian Keto Options

  • Sonic serves breakfast all day, and does have a breakfast burrito. You’d have to get it without the sausage and tortilla.

  • If you get the SuperSonic burrito then you have to ask for no tots, sausage, or tortilla, but you get additional jalapenos, onions, and tomatoes.

Starbucks Vegetarian Keto Options

  • There are many, many guides about keto drinks at Starbucks. We’ll let you peruse Google for those.

  • Sous vide egg bites (egg white and red pepper), while they are 12g net carbs, are a good option and are much more exciting than other fast food keto options.

  • Spinach, feta, and egg white breakfast wrap, 27g net carbs, probably much less if you ditch the wrap itself. Not sure exactly how keto friendly this would be without the tortilla.

  • Grilled chicken & cauliflower tabbouleh, just drop the chicken of course. 11g net carbs.

Subway Vegetarian Keto Options

  • Veggie Delite Salad - Mix and add vegetables, eggs, avocado, and cheese at your leisure. Stay away from most dressings. Nutrition calculator is available on Subway’s linked website.

    • Buffalo sauce, chipotle southwest, light or regular mayo, oil, ranch, red wine vinegar, spicy brown mustard, Subway vinaigrette, and yellow mustard are all okay for low carb dressings. Some sugar in these, but not a ton.

    • You could also order a Veggie Delite sandwich and just throw away the bun, but then it would pretty much just be the salad.

  • Order Subway online to save the hassle of modifications

Taco Bell Vegetarian Keto Options

  • Breakfast soft taco (egg and cheese only). A surprising 15g net carbs. It’s even better if you ask for lettuce instead of the tortilla.

  • Mini skillet bowl. 14g net carbs. Recommendation: sub out potatoes for guacamole. Yum!

  • Cheesy roll up. 13g net carbs. You will probably be very hungry after just one of these.

  • Black beans - side. 7g net carbs - the most impressive here.

  • Pintos ‘n cheese. 15g net carbs. This might be the most substantial option for someone actually looking for a meal. Load this one up with lettuce, guac, cheese, etc.

  • The sauce packets are all zero carb too.

Texas Roadhouse Vegetarian Keto Options

  • Most every dinner salad will be less than 25g net carbs if you get them without meat. The house salad is 7g net carbs. Allowed dressings: low fat ranch (3g net carbs), ranch (5g net carbs), parmesan peppercorn (6g net carbs), and blue cheese (5g net carbs). There are also some side veggies if you want something hot!

TGI Friday’s Vegetarian Keto Options

  • Friday’s has the Beyond Meat burger! With a lettuce bun it’s 12g net carbs. Get the lemon-butter broccoli on the side for an extra 3g net carbs.

  • The tomato basil soup is 16g net carbs as well.

Wendy’s Vegetarian Keto Options

  • Their garden salad has like 16g net carbs, which isn’t horrible I guess.

  • They actually are pretty keto-friendly, just not vegetarian friendly.