about vegetatio

about vegetatio

Welcome! We started Vegetatio as a resource for those that want to eat less meat, but just like the taste too damn much.
(Why would you want to cut out meat? Check out our reasons.)

Personally, we both follow a plant-based vegetarian diet. For us, this means no meat, but also cutting out other animal products wherever possible, substituting with vegan and vegetarian products. We are relatively new to the vegetarian game, and our diets are constantly evolving as we learn more and more; however, our primary goal is to provide recipes that anyone can enjoy - vegan, omnivore, flexitarian, or otherwise.

When we first started trying meatless meals, we noticed that many vegetarian and vegan recipes were a far stretch from what we were used to eating. While we're sure the "tofu quinoa risotto with quiche glaze" is delicious to many, the recipes we were finding just didn't fit in with our tastes, or frankly, our lifestyle. We wanted to provide some recipes that are more approachable and more closely mimic our favorite dishes from before we cut out meat. Our goal isn't always to create new recipes, but to recreate delicious dishes in the vegetarian spirit.

In short, we’re just a couple of college kids trying to learn what we can and share recipes that are easy and delicious. So, whether you’re an omnivore searching for something to try for Meatless Monday, a vegan trying to satisfy your craving for chicken wings (it happens, we get it), or anywhere in between - thanks for checking us out, and we sincerely hope you enjoy!

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The makers behind the magic? That'd be us, Kate and Nate, partners in crime.

about vegetatio

about kate

Hey there! I’m Kate.

I can usually be found doing one of three things: exploring new places with my trusty camera, constantly adding to my already overflowing Pinterest boards, or eating. For Vegetatio, I (appropriately enough) play the roles of photographer, social media manager, content editor, and sous-chef. Despite co-managing a food blog, I have been known to be what one might consider a "risk" in the kitchen. Since deciding to change my diet, it's been an exciting journey learning to step away from the microwave and starting to re-imagine my favorite meals with Nate by my side!

about nate

Hello! Nate here.

I was inspired to stop eating meat after learning about meat substitutes. I found that the dishes I enjoyed most could be pretty easily replicated using soy crumbles, chicken substitutes, or vegan imitations. Whether about food or other topics, I love to learn and discover new things. I'm a hockey fanatic, avid gamer, food lover,  book worm, and I have the stunning accomplishment of dressing myself daily. For Vegetatio, I'm the head chef, primary content creator, and I run the technical aspects of the website (including the analytics, which I also love). Getting to reinvent my diet into one that is more sustainable and cruelty-free has been an amazing and eye-opening experience.